Where To Find Cannabis Jobs in Australia

Find Medifarm, Auscann, Leafcann and Cannabis Jobs in Australia. Get work with THC and CBD in the legal Marijuana industry.

Australia’s Cannabis Industry is fast growing with a new clinic or medicinal Cannabis farm opening up every few weeks. No longer is Cannabis taboo, but a professional and lucrative industry for Australians to start their careers.

Within Australia’s Cannabis industry, the Pharmaceutical, Farming and Horticulture, Medical and Retail sectors are the leading hiring companies for legal Marijuana jobs.

Where to Find Cannabis Jobs in Australia
Where to Find Cannabis Jobs in Australia

New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria are the most established with companies and farms already in production. However, the other states and the rest of Australia is supposed to have an additional 25,000 jobs made available by 2024.

Avoid the confusion with news media and traditional job-seeking outlets! Cannabis Place is providing you with an easy to understand breakdown of where to find your future career in the legal Marijuana industry.

How To Start Working In Australia’s Cannabis Industry

Strict regulations are surrounding the current medicinal marijuana industry, but most of the liability, licenses, permits and compliance falls on the company and not the employees.

What this means is that when starting your new role, you will be briefed and trained to meet the strict standard required by the Cannabis industry. Gaining this experience and the knowledge of these regulations are extremely valuable in the Cannabis industry.

There are two main ways to get started in the Cannabis industry online.

  • 1) Browse through Cannabis Jobs advertised through online platforms. A list of Job websites is listed by ‘Australia-Wide’ and per state below.
  • 2) Apply directly through to Cannabis companies in your region. Applying direct puts you in a hiring pool before positions are advertised. This also makes you the first choice when urgently filling positions.

Click here to learn more about what kind of Cannabis Jobs are available in Australia. These include:

Permanent & Contract Cannabis Jobs

Find Cannabis Jobs Australia-Wide

Australia’s current skilled labour market for the Cannabis Industry has already been picked up by farms and medical companies. With new businesses opening up every few weeks, interstate relocation is becoming a standard for experienced professionals.

Here is a list of job websites that advertise Cannabis positions across Australia:

  • Seek: Listing general, retail and business-related Cannabis positions within the industry.
  • Indeed: Listing general, farm, retail and business-related Cannabis positions within the industry.
  • AgriLabour: Listing for agriculture and horticulture positions for Cannabis farms in Australia

Find Cannabis Jobs in NSW

Sydney, New South Wales has the number of employed Cannabis-related positions in Australia. Whether you are looking for pharmaceuticals, agricultural or retail, you can find legal marijuana jobs in Sydney.

Find Cannabis Jobs in VIC

Melbourne, Victoria is the second largest employer of Cannabis-related positions in Australia. They have a large number of import/export, retail and Cannabis farms.

Find Cannabis Jobs in QLD

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, Queensland is the third-largest employer of Cannabis-related positions in Australia. They are pushing to become the Cannabis farming capital of Australia that is opening up many agriculture and horticulture-related jobs.

Find Cannabis Jobs in TAS

Hobart, Tasmania has licensed Cannabis cultivation farms that make it a prime candidate for agriculture and horticulture jobs in Australia.

Find Cannabis Jobs in WA

Perth, Western Australia has licensed Cannabis cultivation farms. Perth is pushing to become the Cannabis hub of Australia with a large farming industry, lighter Cannabis laws that make retail and medical industry thrive before other states.

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