Is It Legal To Smoke Marijuana in Australia?

Is It Legal To Smoke Marijuana in Australia?

Find out the rules and laws with Cannabis in Australia. Learn if and where you can legally smoke cannabis.

Australia’s favourite recreational drug, next to alcohol, is marijuana.

With legal cannabis being available, Australia keeps breaking all the records with the number of new patients doubling each month.

So with medicinal or personal weed, is it legal to smoke across Australia?

For patients with a prescription in Australia, you can smoke marijuana in the comforts of your home. Weed for personal use is still illegal, and if you’re caught smoking, you may receive a fine. Medicinal cannabis is legal, but recreational (personal) use is only legal in Canberra, ACT.

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Let’s break down the different rules around smoking weed in each state in Australia.

Sydney, NSW
Sydney, NSW

Sydney is Australia’s largest marijuana consumption region. Whether medicinal or for personal use, New South Wales has Australia’s largest public use and marijuana support.

Patients can smoke, vape, bake, or take cannabis oil in Sydney, NSW.

Even with a prescription, you will need to follow the public smoking rules.

Learn more about Sydney’s smoking marijuana rules.

Melbourne, VIC
Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne, Victoria, is poised to become Australia’s weed hub and the next legalised region for personal marijuana use.

The largest and most innovative cannabis companies are promoting legal weed use.

Smoking marijuana in Melbourne, or Victoria, is legal with a medical prescription.

If caught smoking weed for personal use, there may be a small fine between $100-200.

There are a lot of different rules in place until Australians can legally smoke marijuana for personal use.

Learn more about Melbourne’s smoking marijuana rules.

Brisbane, QLD
Brisbane, QLD

South East Queensland has Australia’s largest and most successful cannabis farms.

Whether you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, there is a large amount of public support for legal weed and marijuana.

Currently, you can only smoke or vape cannabis with a medical prescription.

If you are caught smoking weed recreationally, then you may receive a fine.

After Victoria and Canberra, Queensland is positioned to be the next state to legalise the legal smoking of marijuana.

Learn more about Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s smoking marijuana rules.

Perth, WA
Perth, WA

Perth, Western Australia has a lot of public and government support for legalising cannabis.

With the Little Green Pharma, and other cannabis companies, Western Australians are eagerly awaiting legal marijuana.

Currently, a GP can prescribe medicinal cannabis that you can smoke, vape, or take as oil drops.

Smoking recreational weed is still illegal at the moment. If caught, there may be a fee, but the local government and Justice system provide Drug Diversion programs to avoid criminal charges.

Learn more about Perth’s smoking marijuana rules.

Canberra, ACT
Canberra, ACT

Canberra, ACT, is the lucky region in Australia where people can smoke, vape, bake, and take any form of cannabis for recreational use.

It is technically “decriminalised”, but this means that you won’t receive a criminal penalty for smoking weed.

You will, however, need to follow the public smoking laws to avoid any fines.

Canberra, ACT, is the first region in all of Australia to allow legal weed smoking, vaping, edibles, oil and everything else for personal use.

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